HGH Prescription Online: Is It Legal? How To Get HGH Prescribed

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HGH has the potential to improve overall health, combat aging symptoms, and improve body composition. However, HGH therapy is a specific treatment that should only be prescribed by a doctor. Let’s see what HGH therapy is and how to get an HGH prescription legally.

How To Get Prescribed HGH | Ways to Get Legal HGH Prescription Online

Why do people need HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a part of the human body’s messenger system (endocrine). HGH is released in the pituitary gland and is responsible for body growth and development. The highest activity of HGH falls in childhood and adolescence, forming muscles and strengthening bones. HGH also influences hair growth and the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

In adulthood HGH is less active, however, it’s still responsible for crucial processes such as metabolism and tissue regeneration. If an adult person lacks HGH, they can experience increased fatigue, muscle loss, weakening, decreased quality of skin and hair, etc.

HGH therapy can restore hormone levels. Those, who are diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), can receive prescribed HGH from the therapist. HGH can reduce age-related health issues such as excess weight and improve overall well-being.

What are HGH therapy and its benefits?

HGH therapy implies receiving an established dose of human growth hormone for a defined period. HGH is administered via injections and can only be obtained via prescription.
HGH therapy uses recombinant HGH to treat short-stature children with GHD and as a therapy for GH-deficient adults. HGH is also gaining wide application to increase insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) levels and accelerate wound healing.

Scientific research reveals evidence for HGH to improve sexual function, reduce fat tissue, and promotes muscle gain.

Scientists found out that a decline in HGH release may cause problems with erectile function. The study conducted on 35 healthy adult men and 45 patients with erectile dysfunction has shown that in those, who have problems with a penile reaction to erotic stimuli HGH serum levels remain low, compared to healthy subjects.

Another study reveals that HGH improves lipolysis around the abdominal area in menopausal women. One year of taking HGH resulted in a 5% loss in abdominal fat without changing the subjects’ lifestyle. On the contrary, the control group gained adipose tissue during the established period. Excess abdominal fat is a risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, etc., and HGH has the potential to prevent these conditions from developing.

Scientists conduct more research on HGH effects on lean body mass. Thus, one study conducted on 21 healthy men over 60 years old has shown that 6 months of HGH administration increased lean body mass by 8.8%, reduced fat tissue by 14.4%, and improved bone density by 1.6%.

Prescribed HGH therapy benefits

HGH therapy is a natural way to improve your overall health and appearance. The therapy’s benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • increased energy and well-being,
  • weight loss,
  • improved body composition,
  • reduced aging symptoms,
  • improved skin elasticity,
  • restored hair quality,
  • increased sexual drive,
  • preserved and increased muscle mass.

HGH therapy may be a great solution for your specific need, but first, you should consult with a doctor. If you want to know more about getting an HGH prescription, contact our specialists.

How to get an HGH prescription legally

You can only buy legal HGH medication with a doctor’s prescription. First, you need to visit your practitioner, so that the doctor could confirm that HGH therapy will meet your health issues and comply with your medical history. Then, before getting your HGH prescription, the doctor will ask you to undergo specific tests and examinations. Growth hormone deficiency may develop in adult patients. If your HGH levels are low because of aging, you may experience such symptoms as:

  • increased fat around your waist,
  • reduced muscle strength and mass,
  • energy drop,
  • increased cholesterol,
  • joints and bone weakening.

If you experience these symptoms, address a doctor for consultation. Tests to reveal GHD include a growth hormone stimulation test, HGH suppression, GHRH test, etc. You’ll be asked to undergo one of them.

If the tests confirm you have HGH deficiency, you’ll receive an HGH prescription. After you buy your HGH, you can go back to the doctor to receive a detailed treatment plan.

Be aware of scams and illegal medication. Only injectable HGH is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a safe and effective GHD medication. Other types of HGH drugs including pills, supplements, etc., may contain additional components and be dangerous for your health. Illegal drug distributors claiming their product contains HGH can also be scammers selling placebos to patients.

Can I get an HGH prescription online?

Can I get an HGH prescription online?

It’s not possible to receive an HGH prescription online, because you need to undergo some tests first. You must visit a medical facility to let your doctor perform the test.

For instance, for a growth hormone stimulation test, which is also called an insulin tolerance test (ITT), the doctor will give you an insulin injection to see how your body reacts to increased blood sugar levels. To do this, the doctor will take blood samples a few times and assess the HGH concentration in the blood. If HGH levels remain low, you’re GH-deficient and will get an HGH prescription.

HGH therapy cost

The HGH therapy cost depends on the type of HGH prescribed, the treatment timeline, and the amount of medication you’ll need. HGH therapy costs vary from hundreds of dollars to more than a thousand.

HGH medication usually goes as a powder that needs reconstitution. You can obtain it in vials and dilute it yourself with bacteriostatic water. However, some brands invented prefilled pens and injection devices to ease the HGH administration. These tools usually have reconstituted HGH, and you need only to apply the proper dose. Pens and injection devices may seem more expensive, however, they reduce the amount of medication that goes to waste, which frequently happens with vials.

We recommend buying prescribed HGH only in certified pharmacies. Illegal sellers can’t guarantee product safety and effectiveness. Don’t pose your health in danger – receive an HGH prescription legally.

Receive your legal HGH prescription

Let’s summarize how to get an HGH prescription legally. Patients diagnosed with GHD can receive HGH prescriptions. If you experience GHD symptoms or want to check your health, turn to a specialist for advice.

To confirm GHD, you’ll need to go through specific medical tests. After that, you can receive an HGH prescription. You can’t get an HGH prescription online without the test results. Turning to an experienced professional will give personalized treatment developed considering your specific needs. If you want to try HGH therapy to improve your health, fill out the form, and our specialists will get back to you.