Is It Possible to Increase Penis Size with HGH therapy?

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For many men, the size of their genitalia is an important aspect of sexual and psychological health. Some specific psychological issues based on worrying about penis size can lead to erectile dysfunction and low self-esteem. That’s why scientists are in search of effective and safe methods to enlarge male genitalia.

hormone therapy for penile growth in adults

As growth hormones are highly involved in body growth, HGH therapy attracts those who want to enhance their penis size. Does HGH increase penis size? Let’s see what scientists suppose on that matter.

HGH for penis growth and enlargement

The human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) play an important role in body growth and composition. The most enhanced period in the development of reproductive organs in men falls in early childhood and adolescence. If a person lacks growth hormone in childhood, they are likely to have growth hormone deficiency (GHD) which leads to dwarfism.

Most commonly GHD is congenital, but it could develop throughout life. Several studies show that children with hereditary GHD have micropenis or deficient testicles. Besides, kids with GHD result in micropenis even if their testosterone levels are at optimal levels. The main concern is that leaving the condition treated may lead to problems with penis size in adulthood.

 does hgh increase penis size

Using HGH replacement therapy helps patients to develop normal body composition and penis size. Scientists suggest HGH treatment in children improves body height and penis length. Moreover, according to trials of GH-deficient patients, HGH prompts penis growth without reference to T-hormone levels.

Can HGH make the penis bigger in adults?

The exact mechanism of how the HGH/IGF-1 axis influences penis growth isn’t studied enough. IGF-1 levels in adult men affect sexual function. As for HGH, it’s likely to increase genitalia tissue’s sensitivity to testosterone and other male sex hormones. Both IGF-1 and HGH have a mediated effect on penis growth.

In vitro observations suggest that HGH level balance is crucial for healthy erectile function. HGH increases blood flow to the corpus cavernosum by promoting vessel relaxation in the penis. Still, it isn’t clear whether HGH increases penis size in grown men. Only one considerable study reports that combining HGH and testosterone replacement therapies increases micropenis size (penises shorter than 2.75 inches). There’s no evidence to suggest HGH can enlarge the penis in healthy adults, but it can certainly improve your body composition and overall health.

Enlargement products effectiveness

The modern market offers a lot of products that are claimed to be effective for penile growth. Such products include pills, emulsions, physical manipulations, and even gadgets. However, none of these methods have a scientific background and can’t be trusted as an effective and safe solution for penile growth. For example, vacuum pumps can be used to deal with erectile dysfunction. The mechanism increases blood flow to the penis, thus making the penis bigger for a while. But this device can’t change penis size for a long period and the procedure can be harmful.

 hgh make penis bigger

Few studies reveal that a penile-extender device could increase penis size. The device stretches across penile traction and can slightly increase penile size. However, the procedure might be dangerous.

Nowadays, one proven method for the long-term penile increase is surgery. Surgeries for penis enlargement are recommended only for adults with penises shorter than 3 inches (micropenises). Surgeries for cosmetic reasons are not encouraged, as their safety and effectiveness can’t be guaranteed.

HGH replacement therapy

Can HGH increase penis size? The short answer is no.

Growth hormone replacement therapy can’t make your penis bigger in your adult age but it can improve erectile function for GH-deficient patients. Nowadays, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only injectable HGH for treating GHD. You can get GHD medications only by prescription. Taking HGH in proper doses can improve body strength and increase the quality of life. If you’re interested in taking HGH therapy, contact us and our experts will provide a personalized consultation.