About Us

Highly qualified doctors anti-aging medicineHGHRx is the main provider of medical services in the United States. Our highly qualified doctors specialize in health care and anti-aging medicine. The trust of every patient is critical to us, therefore our center offers online and on-site appointments using telecommunication technologies, called telemedicine.

The longstanding medical experience with a proven approach makes us stand out among others. We create an individual treatment based on the needs and aims of all patients. Our experts are very attentive to all the details concerning your wellbeing. Patient-focused services are our primary priority.

Telemedicine And Its Benefits

Distance provision of health servicesTelemedicine is the distance provision of health services, such as medical assessments or consultations, within the telecommunication infrastructure. Doctors and patients can communicate in real time from the device, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers. There is no need for a personal visit.

This method of delivering healthcare gives benefits to people who live in distant countrysides or have mobility difficulties, as telemedicine apps help to reach the physician virtually. It saves time as well, because patients may talk to a doctor in a comfortable home place without the appointment at the clinic. Telemedicine can be very useful in diagnosis, treatment or further postoperative care.

You Can Rely On Us

Help you stay healthyEvery day we strive to provide each patient with the proper care. Doctors of our clinic aim for a quality and convenient way of giving medical care to the clients. We save your time, care for your comfort and help you save on medical expenses.

We treat each patient responsibly, prescribing an individual hormone replacement therapy method. All the specific needs and requirements of each patient are taken into account. Our mission is to help you stay healthy, feel younger and more beautiful.