The Best Places To Buy HGH Injections

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We hear a lot of people refer to human growth hormone as HGH. This is a major kind of hormone necessary for the overall health of your body. The only way you can use human growth hormone safely for your body is by using injections. A controlled substance is used for an HGH injection.

This will only be available for you if you have a prescription due to a deficiency of growth hormone. The number of online drugstores currently selling HGH injections number in the hundreds of thousands. You need to be extremely careful if you plan to purchase your HGH online. There are more pharmacy scams and illegal HGH available online than there are authentic pharmacies.

HGH Injections for Sale Online

We want you to be aware human growth hormone has been classified as a controlled substance in the majority of countries. This includes the United States. The only reason HGH shots were approved by the FDA was for hormone injections by individuals suffering from either a deficiency of growth hormone or a related illness. The FDA did not include using HGH for bodybuilding purposes or anti-aging benefits with their approval. This means using human growth hormone for either of these purposes is illegal.

We want you to realize there is only one way to get HGH injections for any non-medical condition. This is by making your purchase at online pharmacies or drugstores operating in gray areas. The majority of these online stores are not legitimate. Their intention is either stealing your credit card details or selling counterfeit HGH. This means if you are wondering is it legal to buy HGH, the answer is only with a valid prescription.

The Best HGH Injections You Can Buy

The human growth hormone is a protein comprises of 1911 amino acids. There is an analogous substance available called Somatrem which offers the same effect as HGH. An injection of HGH currently contains 191 pure amino acids. This is being manufactured in:

Iran: The Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company manufactures Dynatrope.

Denmark: Novo Nordisk manufacturers Norditropin.

China: NeoGenica BioScience Ltd. manufacturers Hypertropin. Hygene Biopharm Co., Ltd. manufacturers Hygetropin. Gensci Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. manufacturers Jintropin. Anhui Anke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. produces Somatren or Ansomone.

Sweden: Pfizer International Corporation produces Genotropin and Nutropin. These are both human growth hormone injections available for purchase exclusively in the United States.

Austria: Sandoz is produced by Omnitrope.

The United States and France: Lilly France and Eli Lilly produce Humatrope.

Switzerland: Zorbtive is only available for purchase in the United States.

In most cases, the producers and main manufacturers of human growth hormone injections are located in China. This type of drug is available at the cheapest prices in medium quality. If you are interested in a high-quality injection of HGH, we recommend making your purchase in either Europe or the United States.

The Manufacturing Process for Human Growth Hormone

The first synthetic version of HGH was originally released in 1985. A lab is used to synthesize HGH using recombinant DNA technology. This enabled scientists to clone the complicated chain of 191 amino acids with accuracy. When HGH is manufactured synthetically, it needs to be bio-equivalent to human HGH. This is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. We have seen synthesized, recombinant DNA HGH being produced, manufactured and sold by a wide variety of pharmaceutical companies. The most popular among them include Norditropin and Humatrope.

The Correct Dosage for Human Growth Hormone Injections

The correct dosage for an injection of human growth hormone is measured using International Units (IU). One milligram of HGH is equivalent to three IU. There is no set dosage for injections of human growth hormone. Every dosage of HGH is customized according to the specific treatment, the medical condition of the patient and several other factors. Approximately two IU is usually prescribed for anti-aging therapy per session.

Is It Legal to Buy Injections of Human Growth Hormone Online?

Since HGH is a controlled substance requiring a prescription, many individuals wonder if it is legal to buy a growth hormone injection online. In regards to growth hormone injections for sale, there are two basic options available. You can either get a prescription from your physician so you can legally purchase growth hormone injections for sale or you can forget about having a prescription and purchase your human growth hormone injections illegally.

In most cases, a physician needs to look at the results of a blood test and medical examination before they will consider prescribing injections of HGH. This makes it completely legal to purchase an injection of human growth hormone form a reliable and reputable online pharmacy.

The Best Place to Buy HGH Injections Online is Through HRTCure

You can easily find human growth hormone at numerous different online pharmacies. We want you to consider the fact the hundreds of pharmacies online are not all legitimate or reliable. Many of them are targeting new users with counterfeit or contaminated injections of HGH. Some of them will not hesitate to steal your credit card details the moment you make your purchase, then leave you with absolutely nothing. We recommend being very cautious when you are purchasing your injections of HGH online.

Your best option is to make your online purchase of HGH from a well established and reputable online pharmacy providing high-quality HGH. Selecting a new or unpopular online drugstore can place you at great risk. We recommend taking the time to research the pharmacy you are considering using. Look at the Scam Analyzing sites and read the reviews of previous customers. If you want to ensure your purchase is 100 percent safe, we recommend purchasing your injections of human growth hormone from HRTCure.

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