HGH Results Before And After

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HGH therapyThe majority of people coming to the human growth replacement therapy wish to know when they may see its results. And it is obvious. No matter whether they want to get back into their youth, get muscle mass or lose weight, everyone wants to see the evident results of HGH before and after. If you are striving for the same, then we encourage you to read this article. It contains information on what changes you can expect and how long the treatment process may take. Photos of those people who have undergone this cure can be a great motivation for making a decision.

The rejuvenating properties of the growth hormone are all-encompassing. It has a positive effect on the way of thinking, anatomy, physiology, body condition and functioning. The hormonotherapy is the best way to counteract aging that money can buy.

HGH Results Before And After

First of all, it is very important to understand that the individuality of your body plays an important role in this process of treatment. Someone may see slight changes in 2-6 days, but others feel the desired changes only after a month.

Do not be disappointed if the effect does not come as soon as you would like. After all, it is natural that your body and organism have changed as a consequence of natural aging processes, so it takes time to recover. And all you need to do is to be calm and patient.

Your Overall Health

Before: patients experience sleep disturbance or insomnia, loss of concentration, low productivity, energy reduction and depression.

After: patients feel a surge of vitality and energy, their sleep is healthy and deep, the mood gets better, mental capacities and productivity increase.

Your Physical Abilities

Before: patients experience reduced energy, loss of vitality, lack of stamina, and poor eyesight.

After: patients report increased workability, improved eyesight, increased vitality, their increased endurance helps to achieve great sporting successes.

Your Body Shape

Before: patients show excessive weight, low muscle tone, which is very harmful to the body and can lead to obesity.

After: patients experience fat loss, their body shape improves, overweight decreases and muscle mass strengthens.

Your appearance

Before: patients understand that the process of aging is taking place, which leads to wrinkles, discoloration of the skin, gray and weak hair.

After: patients say their skin looks younger and finer, more elastic, their hair grows healthier and more shining.

HGH Results

HGH resultsAs mentioned earlier, you will not notice the HGH results before and after immediately. Moreover, they also depend on the HGH amount you use and how your body reacts to it. Keep in mind that you should not go beyond the recommended dose of medication for faster effects.

Also, there are some key factors influencing the duration of the therapy. They include the patient’s age, general health status, medical history and the dosage of the prescribed medicament.

Both men and women experience most of the results from HGH therapy on their own. Almost all of them have increased energy among the main advantages of treatment. Just imagine what a great pleasure is to wake up refreshed every morning after a good and deep sleep. A charge of this energy will last for the entire productive day. Even in the evenings you can still feel cheerful and have time to do many more important things. Targeted action is an extra source of energy.

Shortly after starting a course of medication, your close circle will notice that your sense of humor has improved. It is because you feel happier now, you are much better than before and you are satisfied with yourself. Little by little, your depression will leave you.
The range of beneficial effects of HGH grows with each new study. So far it includes:

  • increase in muscle mass of 9 % in six months without exercise
  • average fat loss of 14 % in six months without diet
  • boost of energy levels
  • volume growth of heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and other organs
  • improvement of heart function
  • progress of immune function
  • physical fitness enhancement
  • renal function improvement
  • blood pressure reduction
  • bone strengthening
  • wound healing acceleration
  • rejuvenation (skin elasticity and tightening)
  • hair regrowth
  • wrinkle elimination
  • cellulite reduction
  • visual acuity
  • cheerfulness
  • memory improvement
  • sleep normalization

Below would like to focus your attention on the top HGH results before and after the therapy in men and women.

HGH Results For MenHGH Results Before And After Pictures

Their motivation and determination increase, brain functions improve. If they feel sluggish, tired, unwilling to work for results and achieve success in professional activities, the reason for this may be low levels of HGH in the body.

Sexual side of life is improving markedly, which is because the HGH stimulates testosterone production and sperm count. Men can expect the drug to help them stimulate their feelings of sexual drive and arousal. As a result, many men feel an increase in their male health due to sexual activity and the number of orgasms they experienced.

The body becomes stronger due to the regeneration of new cells. Any painful feelings in the joints that have occured before can reduce now. This allows moving with more ease and flexibility.

HGH Results For Women

HGH results before and after for womenSince the lowering of HGH levels leads to collagen and elastin amount fall, it results in wrinkles, pigment spots and slackening of the skin. The therapy of HGH for women helps to stabilize these processes in a normal way. Wrinkles on the face and hands smooth out, and turgor of the skin increases. The condition of hair improves, it becomes thicker, its follicles strengthen.

Another positive effect of cure is a reduction in injury frequency. It can strengthen bone and connective tissue. The growth hormone accelerates healing and tissue recovery after injuries. The immune function is improving. The female body becomes more resistant to physical activities and diseases.

HGH medication maintains the heart health by pumping heavily oxygenated blood into all organs of the body. This also applies to the genitals. Women reported an increased sex drive. For them having sex becomes more pleasant because the vagina dryness reduces.

Positive results are achieved during the use of HGH for weight loss because it is possible to stimulate metabolism by processing proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. When the metabolism process is correct, food becomes fuel for the body’s nutrition, not fat that accumulates.

HGH Results Before And After Pictures

The HGH replacement procedure rejuvenates the human body. And this brings both mental and emotional changes in a positive way. What can be better than a feeling of happiness every day?

We would like to share some pictures of the medicine users so that you could see their HGH results before and after. They have already experienced the benefits of the cure. Each of them had its own goals. Achievement terms differed on account of the individual characteristics of the body.

Anti Aging

Hgh anti agingIf your aim is to overcome the aging process, then you are on the right track. Of course, such medicine will not work a miracle and will not turn you back into a teenager. But fortunately, one of its main advantages is the ability to slow down the organism’s aging process.

Increasing HGH levels in an organism must be done carefully and under medical control. It is believed that patients should start it at the age of 30, but it can be useful at any age beyond 30. This is a real cure-all for elderly people, capable of reversing the effects of aging for 7-15 years or more. Currently, there is no other therapy that could affect the aging body other than HGH.

Muscles Gains

HGH muscle gainThanks to its advantages, many people continue to use HGH to improve their sporting abilities. Sometimes it is combined with anabolic steroids to gain muscle mass and improve athletic outcomes. As you may see in the pictures, bodybuilders and celebrities often rely on this therapy because they want to be in a perfect form every day. But this hormone may give unpleasant results and sometimes even lead to serious injuries. For this reason, this category of people uses HGH in the form of pills to avoid painful procedures from injections.

It is commonly believed that the side effects of HGH are nausea and stomach upset. This happens to all professional bodybuilders but only because they add a growth hormone with blood insulin to the intestines. Do not follow their example.

The result you see in the pictures is a complex work. Those patients who have already achieved the desired effects also paid attention to the nutrition program. This is essential to achieving the overall goal.

Fat Loss

HGH fat lossThe HGH therapy for weight loss proceeds rather quickly. It all depends on the terms and amount of physical exercises the patient performs throughout the treatment. Some people were able to reduce their weight by only using HGH. Their body fat decreased to 13%. Even men over 60 boasted of such success. Look at these photos. The patients received 3 HGH injections per week and experienced an increase in muscle mass of almost 9%, as well as a small bone density increase.

Similar HGH results before and after were noted after research at the University of California, San Francisco. The participants of the therapy lost 14% of their fat mass and increased the number of dry muscles by more than 3%.

HGH Results Timeline

There are several methods and schemes for using HGH replacement therapy. Your special course must be prescribed taking into account the purpose of the treatment and physical health. Once again note that the results will not be immediately visible. Hormone therapy influences the body, but it is a long-term process. It is important to follow the physician’s recommendations about the dosage and type of medication you are taking.

1 Week Results

The average duration of the HGH cure is usually 6-8 months. For this reason, be ready that you may not see the results within the first week of the course. During this time, the hormone only begins to encourage changes in your organism.

2-3 Weeks Results

During this period, you may see minor results, such as an increase in energy. There is also an improvement in mood. And that is only the beginning of the growth hormone action.

1 Month Results

After the first phase of treatment, most patients say their sleep has already improved and their energy level has increased.

There are also other results:

  • depression passes away
  • annoyance and anxiety reduce
  • sense of humor improves
  • erotic fantasies unfold

2 Months Results

HGH results 2 month

The advantages of the first month may seem insignificant to someone, but they actually lead to excellent progress. The effects of the previous month increase with each month of treatment.

After that time interval you can expect:

  • small and fine lines around the forehead, eyes and mouth decrease
  • nails and hair strengthen
  • the organism digests food better
  • night vision blurring improves
  • sexual desire grows
  • muscular tone increases as dry muscle mass expands

3 Months Results

For many patients, the third month is important because they notice great changes in appearance and feelings.

For example:

  • belly fat decreases
  • muscle mass improves significantly
  • skin tightens due to increased collagen and elastin content
  • cellulite decreases
  • hair grows faster and thicker
  • flexibility improves much

4 Months Results

HGH results after 4 monthAfter this stage of treatment, others will see the results of your HGH treatment. From now on these are the internal modifications in your body that contribute to the improvement of your well being.

And that is what happens to your body:

  • size of organs and their functioning improve significantly
  • heart function also improves
  • pain in the joints reduces
  • motivation and ability to work increase

5 Months Results

After this period of treatment, patients notice that the skin color of their faces has improved, the visibility of age spots has reduced greatly.

There are the following advantages as well:

  • eyesight improves
  • constitution takes on clear forms
  • cholesterol levels fall

6 Months Results

HGH results after 6 monthSix months later, patients come to the most significant results. The effects may continue for the next half-year. Glucose levels and Insulin sensitivity have already done their part:

  • inflammatory processes subside
  • blood pressure normalizes
  • cholesterol levels stabilize
  • men with an infertility diagnosis have increased testosterone and sperm production

Speaking about the results before and after HGH for women, the female body may need a larger dose than the male’s one to come to the same effects. All because of the sensitivity which occurs while taking the GH together with estrogen. But this applies only to those patients who use it orally.

Summing up all the above, we can bravely say about the real effect of the HGH replacement therapy. Thanks to its numerous studies and the goal, it is clear that aging, which is considered natural for the human body, can be paused or even reversed. Now, this process is seen as a reduction in GH levels. Different researches of it are still carried out, but many people already begin to turn to the cure with the help of doctors.