Top 8 of high-quality USA brands of injectable HGH for sale in 2020

Best brands HGH to buy in the USIn the early 90s, the world began to experience a stir associated with the use of somatotropin injections. Somatotropin or human growth hormone (HGH) is produced in our organism and contributes to muscle mass growth and skeleton structure strengthening, participates in our heart and brain functions. But with age, it produces less intensively, which results in the natural aging process.

Brands of HGH

Before starting to use the product, you should understand that HGH injection is a prescription medication that can only be prescribed by doctors. When buying it, pay special attention to brands of HGH.

The best pharmaceutical manufacturers of HGH injections are companies from the USA and European countries. They carry out strict quality control of products using the best components.

Asian countries also have good brands of HGH injections. Unfortunately, a lot of counterfeit products are made exactly here because of the high demand for the hormone.

Best injectable HGH to buy in the US

The most requested brands of HGH injections differ only in cost, but this does not make them worse or better. All of them have similar quality and meet the basic requirement of the 191-amino acid sequence, which means that somatotropin is identical to natural.

We suggest you to look at the list of the best HGH Injections on the market.

    1. Genotropin (Pfizer Inc, USA). It is a recombinant hormone that has somatropin as an active compound. Recommended for children in the case of growth disorders due to limited growth hormone and administered to adults with a lack of pituitary hormone. Genotropin is released as lyophilisate for injectable solutions.Buy Genotropin
    2. Humatrope (Eli Lilly and Company, USA). The series of amino acids of this HGH is the same as the sequence of proteins in the human growth hormone. It stimulates the growth of bones, which leads to an increase in the size of muscle tissue, and the synthesis of proteins. It is sold as vials with lyophilized powder.Buy humatrope
    3. Norditropin (Novo Nordisk Inc, USA). Filling the deficit of endogenous growth hormone, this somatropin helps to normalize the body structure by improving muscle mass and reducing the content of unwanted fat. You may buy it in a form of injectable pens.Buy Norditropin
    4. Nutropin (Genentech USA, Inc, USA). This HGH is produced by recombinant DNA technology. It is used to treat children’s stunted growth and Turner syndrome. Nutropin is mainly produced in a form of an injection solution and in injectional pen cartridges.Buy nutropin
    5. Omnitrope (Sandoz, Switzerland). Omnitrope contains somatropin in its composition. The substance can optimize the growth of bone and muscle tissue, reduce excessive accumulation of fat, affects the digestion of fats, carbohydrates, healthy proteins in the body. This HGH injection is available in a vial, a syringe set or a pen form.Buy omnitrope
    6. Saizen (EMD Serono, Inc, USA). This recombinant human growth hormone is obtained by genetic engineering using a mammalian cell line. It has anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, affecting not only the growth but also the process of metabolism. Acting on the epiphysis of tubular bones Saizen stimulates the growth of skeletal bones. It comes as lyophilized powder in dosage from 8 mg to 20 mg.Buy saizen
    7. Serostim (EMD Serono, Inc, USA). FDA has approved this pharmaceutical injection for use as a treatment for HIV-infected patients to help them fight weight loss. You can find it in packages containing vials of powder and diluent for mixing.Buy Serostim
    8. Zorbtive (EMD Serono, Inc, USA). Zorbtive is one more form of HGH injections for sale. It is prescribed for adult patients who have Short Bowel Syndrome. Zorbtive could be purchased as a vial containing somatropin with Bacteriostatic Water for Injection.Buy zorbtive

Which HGH Injections Are Easiest in Use?

Simplicity of use is not always a priority when choosing the preparation. Some brands of HGH injections offer several injection methods. We encourage you to read the following information that can help you make your choices easier.

  • Standard vials with lyophilized HGH powder. Before using this type of injection, you only need to mix the powder with the diluent that comes with the kit. Insulin syringes and needles are also included for daily injections. This HGH injection is very easy to use, so you can do everything yourself, without the doctor’s help.
  • Individually prefilled syringes. It is considered the easiest method to use, as each double-chamber syringe already contains one dose of HGH powder and a premeasured diluent ready to be combined when the dosing time comes. This syringe is disposable.
  • Universal injector pens. These devices are supplied being pre-filled with HGH, either as a powder to be repaired or pre-mixed.
  • Reusable injection handles. The replaceable cartridges of this unit may be used repeatedly. Today most brands of HGH produce their injections with this method of application.

Beware of fakes

High demand and prices for HGH injection open up opportunities for fraudsters. Therefore, avoid buying this medicine on untested websites and from companies that offer low prices or large discounts on growth hormones. There are cases when counterfeit products got into the usual distribution chain and differed from the original one by only minor changes in package design and batch number.

Despite the existing problem, it seems that pharmaceutical companies in this area do not consider it so significant. But still, some are looking for solutions. For example, the Serono brand has demonstrated one way to deal with counterfeiting. It has created a safe injection distribution program for serostim injection by limiting the distribution network. Now each dose of serostim is tracked directly according to the patient and has its number.

General Recommendations When Purchasing HGH Injections

Recommendations When Purchasing HGHSince there are a lot of HGH injection brands in the world today, you will need some guidance to make the right choice and not to buy a fake one.

We recommend buying all the above brands of HGH only in licensed U.S. pharmacies that comply with all protection and transportation measures. The growth hormone is extremely gentle and critical to the ambient temperature substance, and if these conditions are not met, it loses its properties very quickly. As a result, you have a chance to buy a useless pacifier.

Note that authentic HGH is available as lyophilized powder, which is activated by bacteriostatic water. Only HGH injections can give real results.

The HGH injections must be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If not, any other use of them is illegal.

Such a cure is not cheap. The price of each injection is about $25. When using it daily, the average cost will be around $2,000 monthly. Do not trust those who promise effective treatment at a lower expense ($30-40 per month). Be sure it is certainly cheating.

The product package must be made of moisture-resistant material. The containers’ labels should be stuck equally, without any distortions. Caps have to be rolled up evenly, without recesses because it indicates that manual rolling has been used.

Take responsibility for your medical treatment. Before buying one brand of HGH injections or the other, consult with a hormone specialist who will conduct a comprehensive examination of your blood to detect an imbalance of different levels of hormones. Excluding the possible causes of your illness and contraindications, he will be able to prescribe the necessary drug. Remember that self-treatment can be dangerous for your health!