Top 8 of High-Quality USA Brands of Injectable HGH for Sale in 2022

Best brands HGH to buy in the USIn the early 90s, the world experienced insanity associated with the use of Somatropin injections. Somatropin is a genetically engineered human growth hormone (HGH) prescribed to patients with hormone hunger to replace the natural HGH in a human body if its levels are extremely low. Human growth hormone is responsible for muscle mass growth and bone density; contributes to cardiovascular and mental health. As we age, HGH is produced less intensively which results in the natural aging process.

Brands of HGH

The gen-enged human growth hormone is a prescription-based drug possible to be purchased in licensed pharmacies and clinics on a legal basis.

The best pharmaceutical manufacturers of HGH injections are companies from the USA, Asia, and Europe. They provide strict quality control of products that are sold in the licensable retail locations.

Despite a great amount of officially recognized Asian brands that provide quality pharmaceutical products including HGH injections, there are lots of artificial medications produced on the territory of this continent and exported abroad. Our mission is to provide you with the true list of the most quality HGH brands that gained the trust of numerous consumers across the globe and are available in licensed drugstores. Let’s review them.

Best Injectable HGH to Buy in the US

Most solicited brands of HGH injections differ by cost, but this does not make them worse or better. All of them have similar qualities and meet the basic demands concerning the balance of the 191-amino acids which means that Somatropin is fully identical to natural human growth hormone.

Please browse the list of the best HGH Injections on the market below:

    1. Genotropin (Pfizer Inc, USA). It is a recombinant hormone that contains Somatropin as an active agent. It is prescribed to children in the case of growth disorders due to growth hormone hunger and administered to adults suffering from pituitary hormone deficiency. Genotropin is released as lyophilisate for injectable solutions.Buy Genotropin
    2. Humatrope (Eli Lilly and Company, USA). It contains a chain of amino acids similar to the balance of proteins in the natural human growth hormone. This HGH drug stimulates the growth of bones which leads to an increase in the size of muscle tissue and the synthesis of proteins. It is sold in the form of ampoules with lyophilized powder.Buy humatrope
    3. Norditropin (Novo Nordisk Inc, USA). By replacing the endogenous growth hormone, this type of Somatropin helps to improve the body shape by increasing muscle mass and reducing the amount of basting fat. You can buy it in the form of injectable pens.Buy Norditropin
    4. Nutropin (Genentech USA, Inc, USA). This HGH is produced with the help of recombinant DNA technology. It is used to treat Turner syndrome as well as cure other types of growth hormone hunger. Nutropin is mainly produced in the form of an injectable solution or injectable pen cartridges.Buy nutropin
    5. Omnitrope (Sandoz, Switzerland). Omnitrope is a type of Somatropin that enables the growth of bones and muscle tissue, reduces excess fat, helps to accelerate the fat-burning process, and improves the production of carbohydrates and healthy proteins in the human body. This HGH injection is available in the form of ampoules, a syringe set, or an injectable pen.Buy omnitrope
    6. Saizen (EMD Serono, Inc, USA). This recombinant human growth hormone is obtained by genetic engineering using a mammalian cell line. It has anabolic and anti-catabolic effects, both triggering the growth process and metabolism. Saizen stimulates the growth of the skeletal system by enhancing the epiphysis of tubular bones. It comes as a lyophilized powder in a dosage from 8 mg to 20 mg.Buy saizen
    7. Serostim (EMD Serono, Inc, USA). FDA has approved this pharmaceutical injection to be used for the treatment of HIV-infected patients suffering from severe weight loss. You can find it in packages containing ampoules of powder together with a solvent for mixing.Buy Serostim
    8. Zorbtive (EMD Serono, Inc, USA). Zorbtive is one more form of HGH injection for sale. It is prescribed for adult patients with Short Bowel Syndrome. Zorbtive can be purchased in the form of ampoules containing Somatropin with bacteriostatic water for injection.Buy zorbtive

Which HGH injections are the easiest to use?

HGH injections are supplied in different forms depending on the brand. Thus you’ll be offered to buy Somatropin in the ready injectable pens, in the form of powder for mixing, etc. Let’s see what forms of GH are currently offered:

  • Standard ampoules with lyophilized HGH powder. Before using this type of injection, you only need to mix the powder with the solvent for mixing that comes in the kit. Insulin syringes and needles for daily injections are also pre-packed. This HGH injection is very easy to use, so you can do everything by yourself following the instructions.
  • Prefilled syringes. It is considered to be the easiest method of making an injection, as each disposable double-chamber syringe already contains a dose of HGH powder and a premeasured solvent ready to be mixed when required.
  • Injectable pens. These devices are supplied being pre-filled with HGH, either as a powder to be repaired or pre-mixed.
  • Reusable injectable pens. This is a multi-use device with replaceable cartridges. Most HGH providers prefer this type of supply for their injections.

Beware of Fakes

The high demand and cost of HGH injections are attractive for swindlers who create artificial products and sell them as original ones. Avoid buying this gen-enged Somatropin on unknown websites and from companies offering it at low prices or with big discounts. Sometimes the artificial products get in the standard distribution chain and differ from the original ones just with minor changes in package design and batch number.

Despite the mentioned facts, it seems that the niche pharmaceutical companies do not consider it to be a significant problem, but still, some of them are looking for optimal solutions. For example, the Serono brand has disclosed a method to deal with faking. It has created a safe injection distribution program for Serostim injections by selling the product within the limited distribution network. Now each dosage of Serostim is tracked individually for every patient and has its own serial number.

General Recommendations When Purchasing HGH Injections

Recommendations When Purchasing HGHSince there are a lot of HGH injection brands available across the globe, you will need some guidance to make the right choice and not to buy a fake one.

We recommend buying from all the mentioned above HGH brands only in licensed U.S. pharmacies that meet all protection and transportation requirements. The growth hormone is exceptionally sensitive to the atmospheric temperature, so the proper temperature requirements should be met to keep the original properties of the drug and prevent it from losing its effectiveness.

An original HGH is available as a lyophilized powder that is activated by bacteriostatic water. If you want to get the most perfect results, be sure to receive HGH only in the form of injections.

The HGH injections should be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so only the licensable ones are sold on a legal basis and considered to be the most efficient ones.

HGH treatment is a costly one but it is worth the expenses. The price per injection is about $25. In the case of daily use, the average cost will be around $2,000 monthly. Do not trust those who promise effective treatment at a lower price ($30-40 per month), they are offering artificial medication that won’t work at all.

  • product package should be made of moisture-resistant material;
  • labels on each container should be fixed precisely without any displacement;
  • caps should be screwed firmly in and no cavities should be observed.

The proper packaging and labeling are possible to be made only with the help of specific equipment, any distortion should be the sign that a product has been packaged manually, so it is more likely to be an artificial one.

Be responsible when starting your hormonal treatment. Before buying a certain brand of HGH injections, consult a hormone specialist to undergo comprehensive diagnostics and blood tests to detect if the hormone levels are lowered and you’ve got hormone hunger. The diagnostics should be done to make sure that you’ve got no disorders that will be the contraindications to the HGH therapy to be prescribed. Any self-medication can be harmful to your health, so be sure to consult a doctor before you start the treatment.