Timeline for Testosterone Injections to Work: When the First Results Are Seen

Would you like to learn the timeline for testosterone injections to take effect? Read further to learn the TRT cycle results and when exactly they are observed.

People who start testosterone replacement therapy expect their first results to come as soon as possible. Most patients are tired of symptoms brought on by low testosterone in their blood and want to get rid of them in the nearest time. The TRT cycle requires some time (up to 1 year) to make the replaced hormone take effect and improve all systems of the human body, so it is important to be patient until the treatment is completed.

The first results come within a week of the therapy but they are not as visible as they are expected to be at once. So, the term when patients get their first effects of testosterone injections depends on the severity of current health disorders, the physical fit of a patient, and more additional aspects.

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Injection to Work

Why Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is recommended to male patients suffering from various health disorders caused by the low T including the ones like decreased sex drive, fatigue, loss of energy, reduced muscle mass, weak bones, etc. Usually, testosterone deficiency is observed as we age, so most patients that visit a doctor to check their T-hormone levels and start a TRT treatment are middle-aged men and women.

Only laboratory results can become medical evidence for the beginning of the low T treatment cycle. If testosterone levels are lower than 350 ng/dl, this is a key indication for starting TRT. In such a case, the thyroid specialist prescribes injections that contain T-hormone to be replaced to recover from hormonal disorders. The duration of the cycle and frequency of injections depend on numerous facts considered by the endocrinologist.

How Long Does Testosterone Therapy Take to Work

Some private clinics provide medical services covered by insurance, so patients can rely on the compensation for costs spent on the treatment.

These costs can be covered by the insurance provider either fully or partially. If a person can’t get insurance, medical centers offer some discounts to make the long-term cycle affordable for their patients. The following types of services can be covered by insurance:

  • basic medical services (visits to the doctor, endocrinologist’s diagnostics, etc.);
  • laboratory evaluation (blood tests and results);
  • additional medication (oral drugs prescribed, and more).

If we speak about the testosterone therapy timeline, it is difficult to specify the certain duration of the cycle and foresee the term when positive effects are going to be visible. Nevertheless, there are approximate time limits for when the health state starts to be improved with the help of testosterone injections.

How Quickly Does Testosterone Therapy Work?

Approximate Timeline – Testosterone Replacement Therapy Progress

Thyroid specialists warn that some improvements may be not visible right after the first injection because the TRT has an accumulative effect, and some positive changes are going to be obvious just in several weeks, and then months after the therapy has started. Let’s review the improvements one by one.

A Few Days after Starting the Treatment

When the cycle is started, a patient is going to admit the enhancements referred to the insulin sensitivity right in a few days and after a few injections. This is the period when patients report they feel more active and their mood is significantly improved. Additional benefits of the first several days of the cycle are such as:

  • cleaner skin;
  • less fat;
  • better cognitive capacity; etc.

It takes about several weeks to mention more visible results. Let’s take a closer look at the testosterone therapy timeline starting from the three weeks of further treatment.

Three Weeks of Treatment

In 20-21 days after the first testosterone shot, patients feel their health state improves day by day. Men and women report better sex drive, so they have sexual fantasies, and men admit better morning erections. Other dramatic results of the first period of the cycle include:

  • improved sociability;
  • reduced stress and aggression;
  • better mood and attitude to life;
  • more active lifestyle.

As you see, the human body gets T-hormone and forces testosterone shots to work. Both physical and mental health is improved. The patient starts to live an active life without the unpleasant symptoms they’ve been suffering from previously. Every next week will be more effective for human well-being, so it’s important not to miss the injections and visit a thyroid specialist on a regular basis. The gradual changes are controlled by blood tests to view the positive results and avoid unexpected side effects.

Starting Testosterone Therapy

Fourth-Fifth Weeks of the Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This period is remarkable with some new significant progress that takes place within the body of the patient. For example, men feel improved sexual performance and their blood tests show decreased cholesterol. Patients admit better digestion and continue to lose their excess weight.

A lipid profile becomes better together with good erections that are the result of an excellent sex drive. During this period the whole body is relaxed because possible inflammation processes caused by the low leveled testosterone are now reduced. Moodiness comes to an end as well, so people get rid of the constant bad mood they’ve been suffering from earlier.

Testosterone injections take effect in every system in the human body. The results depend on the proper dosage, the patient’s lifestyle, and their responsible attitude to treatment. The most purposeful clients get better outcomes in comparison with those who miss the injections and regular lab tests.

Six Weeks of the Low-T Treatment Cycle

People suffering from severe depressive states feel better when the sixth week of testosterone therapy starts. All symptoms of depression disappear because both physical and mental health is now improved. Patients forget about problems with their sexual activity and libido because now they feel like they are young again.

Increased levels of T-hormone allow men to feel confident with their sexual partners because testosterone replacement therapy helps to reduce excess weight and fight erectile dysfunction.

Seven-Ten Weeks of the Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The blood pressure is stabilized and patients feel enhanced physical strength allowing them to resume physical activity and training. Even intensive training in the gym is now quite affordable both for men and women in sports.

When 9-10 weeks of therapy are passed people notice that chronic diseases almost don’t disturb them. For instance, chronic heart failure brings less discomfort in comparison with the period when the treatment was just started. Testosterone injections bring relief and make symptoms less disturbing when it comes to such disorders as:

  • stroke;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic kidney disease, etc.

Those patients who follow all the recommendations of a thyroid specialist concerning nutrition, day regimen, physical activities, and other prescriptions, achieve faster results.

Testosterone Therapy Timeline

Eleven-Twelve Weeks of Testosterone Treatment

A non-stop cycle that lasts about three months (10-12 weeks) makes testosterone shots work efficiently. Healthcare experts promise better glycemic index and improved production of red cells (erythropoiesis). The patient experiences energy surge and high spirits which is a great improvement for patients who previously suffered from depression. Some other benefits are as follows:

  • stabilized LDL and HDL cholesterol levels;
  • sculptured body with lean muscle mass;
  • muscle strength;
  • cast-iron physique;
  • increased sex drive.

Six Months of the TRT Treatment

In addition to all the above-mentioned positive changes, patients will be satisfied with an increased body physique as well as enhanced prostate-specific antigen (PSA). Normally, six months are enough for an average patient to get rid of hormonal disorders and complete the cycle. However, in some complicated cases, people are about to continue the treatment.

Twelve Months of Testosterone Replacement Treatment

At the end of a one-year cycle, the human body has an absolutely refurbished body chemistry and improved hormone balance. Testosterone has reached its average levels bringing proper sexual function and muscle strength.

A thyroid specialist should check your laboratory results on a regular basis to keep track of the treatment progress. In most cases, 12 months of therapy is enough to improve the patient’s health. Nevertheless, each situation is unique and requires an individual approach.

Please contact us if you’ve got any questions concerning the therapy or lab evaluation and diagnostics required before TRT. Our experts will be happy to help.