Timeline for Testosterone Injections to Work: When the First Results Are Seen

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People who start testosterone replacement therapy are waiting for their first result in their whole hearts. Most patients are tired of symptoms and signs that the low level of the sexual hormone brings. Nevertheless, the course requires some time to make medications effective for the human organism. The first notable results do not come in a week or month of the therapy. So, when patients get their entry effects of testosterone injections? Everything depends on the severity of the health condition, the physical form of the individual, and other aspects.

How Long Does It Take for Testosterone Injection to Work

Why Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

This therapy is recommended to male patients who suffer from various unhealthy conditions caused by the low level of testosterone. Usually, the Low-T takes place when the individual is a middle-aged man with some chronic diseases. The low level of testosterone brings uncomfortable sensations and sometimes painful feelings. As a rule, the endocrinologist examines a man and refers to the blood tests.

Only laboratory results are medical evidence for the beginning of the Low-T course. The main indication is a testosterone level lower than 350 ng/dl. In such a case, the healthcare specialist prescribes injections that contain enough T-hormone to get the positive effects of testosterone injections. The longevity of course and periodicity of shots depend on numerous facts that the endocrinologist takes into account.

How Long Does Testosterone Therapy Take to Work

It is worth noting that some healthcare centers provide medical services billed by insurance. So, patients can count on the compensation of expenses spent on the treatment. These costs can be paid by the insurance provider in full or partially. If the person does not have insurance, medical centers can offer some discounts to make the long-term course affordable. Available offers can cover the following procedures:

  • Medical services (visits to the doctor, endocrinologist’s examinations, etc.);
  • Laboratory work (blood venue and test results);
  • Other supplementary expenses (oral prescriptions, and so on).

Speaking about the testosterone therapy timeline, it is difficult to specify the accurate longevity of the course and guaranteed positive effect terms. Nevertheless, there is a description of average time limits when the organism gets improvements with the help of testosterone injections.

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How Quickly Does Testosterone Therapy Work?

Average Timelines – Testosterone Replacement Therapy Progress

Healthcare specialists warn about the reverse effects of the medications. It means that the patient will not notice some extraordinary results right after the first testosterone shot. But it does not mean that some positive changes do not take place in the human organism.

Few Days After Starting the Treatment

Doctors say that within a few days of starting a course of Low-T therapy insulin sensitivity is improved. So, the first weeks of injections can improve the patient’s mood and make him more active. Additional benefits that insulin sensitivity brings are:

  • Cleaner skin;
  • Fat loss;
  • Stoppage of cognitive decline, etc.

It takes about several weeks to mention more notable results. Let’s take a closer look at the testosterone therapy timeline divided into separate periods according to the effects they bring.

Three Weeks of Treatment

After 20-21 days from the first testosterone shot, patients can feel more significant results. Their health improves every other day. Men can notice a better sex drive in three weeks. The libido of male patients increases, they begin to use their sexual imagination, some hot fantasies come to their thoughts. Besides improved sexual health that is accompanied by increases in morning erections, there are other positive effects to take into account:

  • Better sociability;
  • Reduced stress and aggression;
  • Better mood and attitude to life;
  • More active lifestyle.

As can be seen, the human body gets T-hormone and forces testosterone shots to work. Both physical and mental health is improved. The patient starts to live but does not suffer from unpleasant symptoms. Every next week will be more effective for human well-being. Each patient should remember that regular visits to the endocrinologist’s cabinet are required. It is necessary for a timely check of blood test results.

Starting Testosterone Therapy

Four-Five Weeks of the Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This period is notable with some new significant processes that take place in the organism of the patient. For example, men can feel how their sexual performance is improved. By the way, the level of cholesterol decreases. This factor has a positive impact on digestion and other organism conditions.

A lipid profile becomes better together with full erections that complements an excellent sex drive. The next testosterone therapy timeline is five weeks. During this period the whole body becomes relaxed because various inflammation processes caused by the low level of testosterone reduce. Moodiness comes to an end as well.

It means that testosterone injections take effect on each system in the organism. All the results depend on the proper dosage, the patient’s lifestyle, and his responsibility before his health. The most purposeful male clients of the endocrinologist’s cabinet get better outcomes in comparison with those who miss the procedure of testosterone shot administration and regular lab tests.

Six Weeks of the Low-T Course

People who suffer from severe depressive conditions feel better when this testosterone therapy timeline starts. All the depression symptoms come to an end because both physical and mental health are improved. All male patients forget about problems with their sexual activities and libido.

This is one of the main reasons why any depressive conditions take place. An increased level of T-hormone allows men to feel masterful with sexual partners. At the same time, medications help to reduce extra weight and make improvements to erecting functions.

Seven-Ten Weeks of the Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The blood pressure is declined, and the patient feels better. Men have become more powerful. Any physical activities bring pleasure and do not exhaust the individual who treats from the Low-T condition. Those male patients who exercise regularly in the gym note that the load is easily increased.

On average, when 9-10 weeks of therapy are astern people notice that chronic diseases disturb them less. For instance, chronic heart failure brings a little discomfort in comparison with the beginning of treatment. As a result, testosterone injections take effect on pre-existing conditions like:

  • Stroke;
  • Diabetes;
  • Chronic kidney disease, etc.

It is worth noting that those patients who follow all the recommendations of their healthcare specialist according to nutrition, day regimen, physical activities, and other prescriptions achieve faster results. So, the positive effect comes quicker and more signs and symptoms of low-level testosterone disappear.

Testosterone Therapy Timeline

Eleven-Twelve Weeks of Testosterone Treatment

A non-stop course that lasts about three months (10-12 weeks) leads testosterone shots to work efficiently. Healthcare experts promise better glycemic control and improved formation of red cells (erythropoiesis). These processes have a significant impact on human health. The patient feels energy surge and high spirits. Among supplementary positive features to opt for:

  • Decreased LDL and HDL cholesterol levels;
  • Sculptured body with lean muscle mass;
  • Strength of the body;
  • Cast-iron physique;
  • Increased sex drive.

Six Months of the Medical Treatment

In addition to all the above-mentioned positive changes, patients can stay pleased with increased body density. The prostate-specific antigen comes in the norm as well. Moreover, these showings can rise from time to time and improve men’s sexual experience.

Twelve Months of Testosterone Replacement Treatment

At the end of a one-year course, the human organism has an absolutely renovated body chemistry and improved endocrine balance. The level of testosterone comes in normal conditions. Additionally, the muscle volume is rising together with sexual functions.

Your healthcare specialist should check your laboratory results regularly to keep track of the treatment progress. In most cases, one 12-months therapy is enough to improve the patient’s health. Nevertheless, each situation is unique and requires an individual approach.

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