How Much Does the Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost – Everything You Should Know Your Before Treatment

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Testosterone is one of the most important hormones that are responsible for muscle strength, sex drive, and other physical parameters. Men feel better when the T content in their bodies is sufficient. It means that male health depends on testosterone production. When the level of this hormone is low, a special treatment takes place. A testosterone therapy cost can vary according to the pricing plan of the clinic and other factors.

Many people ask about clear information on the average price of one Low-T course in the hospital. Let’s take a closer look at all the aspects that influence the cost of testosterone injections. We will define approximate sums per month and for the whole treatment course.

how much does testosterone therapy cost

Why Is the Low-T Treatment Required?

Healthcare specialists recommend starting testosterone therapy only on the ground of medical evidence. Only laboratory tests can prove the fact of Low-T condition. The human body also informs us about problems with the sexual hormone with the help of special signs. A patient with a low level of testosterone can feel severe fatigue, be depressed, obtain low libido, etc.

Any distressing symptoms should draw concern among men. An immediate visit to your endocrine doctor is a must in such a case. Additionally, if the age of a patient is more than 35-40 years. There is a risk to miss the age-related low testosterone. Only after a comprehensive examination in the endocrinologist’s cabinet and blood tests a course of injections can be prescribed. Now, it is time to specify the average cost of the TRT therapy.

testosterone therapy cost per month

Testosterone Therapy Cost – What Does It Stay Upon?

The Low-T treatment cost depends on numerous factors like severity and type of the patient’s condition, dosage and periodicity of injections, and so on. One more necessary thing is the availability of insurance. Some patients can reduce the cost of TRT courses if their insurance covers some or even all medical services required by the customized treatment plan. Those who are going to treat their low-leveled testosterone without insurance will pay more.

It is necessary to understand that Low-T therapy contains different stages and procedures. You should not be focused on the cost of testosterone injections only. The price formation takes place when all the following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Laboratory tests;
  • Medical services;
  • Injection costs;
  • Consulting and other options.

It is worth noting that testosterone therapy cost differs from case to case. Each pharmacy establishment has its own price book and delineates various charges for these and those services. It is possible to determine an average Low-T treatment cost only as billed in American clinics.

price of testosterone therapy without insurance

Laboratory tests

Each first visit to the endocrinologist’s cabinet is accompanied by the blood tests to see the level of the sexual hormone. The range of laboratory work will cost without insurance from $50 up to $150 at the starting stage. If a patient’s insurer covers such expanses, all the laboratory tests can become free-of-charge for the individual.

First Appointment

Note that the first appointment with a healthcare specialist can be fee-based as well. It is well-understandable because the doctor should examine his patient, determine the level of severity of symptoms based on the lab results, and prescribe a customized therapy plan. This way the longevity of the course will be determined. The price for the first appointment can vary – the approximate cost of a TRT patient’s primary examination is $100-150.

Usually, the yearly treatment plan is created. It means that the testosterone therapy cost can be specified for the whole period of medical activities or be calculated per month. It depends on the desire of the patient. A hormone specialist prescribes oral medications, needful medical services, and other procedures if needed.

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Medical Services

The customized medical plan includes all necessary medical services like injection administration, the examination of the endocrinologist, and so on. An average price for these options that come in default is about $100 a month. This fee can be paid once if the medical contract is signed for one year, and a patient is ready to make one transaction instead of monthly ones. Note that some insurances cover medical services. It means that the fee can be canceled and will not be added to the final testosterone therapy cost.

Medication Costs

Injections are usually covered by insurance. In such a case, medication costs will equal to zero. If the patient would like to start therapy without insurance, he should be ready to pay $50-70 a month. The process of injection administration is factored into the price book of medical services.

cost of testosterone injections for low t treatment

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Cost – a Final Price

According to all the above-mentioned calculations, the average cost for the therapy will be about $200-300 a month (the first month will be more expensive because the primary examination and tests take place). If we calculate the final price for the one-year course, it will be about $3,000. People who have insurance can count on the partial or absolute coverage of expenses.

At the same time, private clinics and other reputable pharmacy establishments offer huge discounts for those who want to start their Low-T treatment without insurance. Some supplementary medications for a better effect like high-potency creams, oral prescriptions, and HCG injections should be purchased separately.

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